Zambia Communiqué: Independent Broadcasting Authority to inspect broadcast stations

Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Director General, Josephine Mapoma, announced today a countrywide inspection of all broadcasting stations.


In a statement provided to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS), Mapoma urged all television and radio stations to be aware inspections may take place any time.


Ms. Mapoma said broadcast stations must follow the guidelines provided to them when their licences are granted and must follow the schedules they submitted when applying for radio or television licences.  She urged broadcast stations to put their houses in order and follow their licences earnestly.


The IBA Director General says the inspections are a function of the authority that has not been very active in the past. She said the IBA is aware some television and radio stations have not renewed their broadcast licenses and warned these stations to renew by the end of September this year or face suspension of their licences.


The IBA team commenced their inspections on the Copperbelt, where they inspected a number of radio stations including Yar FM, Flava FM, and Copperbelt Television Systems. She noted that, based on these inspections, there are impressive actions taking place in the radio industry. Ms. Mapoma said she is pleased that there has been growth, with some stations being very innovative and certainly moving in the right direction.


Ms. Mapoma was, however, quick to mention that there is still a lot of work to be done with other stations and the onus is on them to stay committed to the provisions of their licences and programme schedule.



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